ArtemisThe "Horse at Water" at Marble Arch has become a much loved London Landmark. I get emails, letters and photos everyday from people enthused by the piece and its prominent position, as I also used to do for the 35 ft high "Artemis" on the Trundle hill looking out to the Isle of Wight. It was a moving experience to see the massive "Head of Christ" unveiled at Southwark cathedral where Nic and his wife Henrie hosted a marvellous opening evening. Reverend Andrew Nunn, the Dean of Southwark and Nic spoke eloquently about the piece and the excellent reception It had received from the congregation and the visitors. This piece will be the centrepiece of our exhibtion in Jermyn Street in June.

This Summer Nic will be showing at both our galleries in the West End, on the terrace of the Economist building off St James Street, in Mount Street gardens, and at Royal Ascot and Goodwood. We will also be publishing new books on different aspects of his work over the coming months, all details will be posted on this site. Major monumental works have been installed this year in Russia, America, the Middle East, Australia and works are in progress to go to many other destinations.

Gerry Farrell

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